Material & Furniture Fit For Small Residential

smallSpatial planning can be inspired from the concept of order and efficiency apartments that require optimization. Distance between the rooms did seem close, but not necessarily be overcrowded.

Furniture design is not complicated, yet functional, fit perfectly chosen because it is far from being narrow. “Create a window overlooking the open space in the backyard. Impression blends with outer space being increasingly felt.

As for the furniture in the dining room can be equip with an open courtyard, which is designed to open. To make it look more natural and blend with nature, use the table of material wood oven.

Square table comes with four wooden bench was able to give the impression of comfort and make the occupants feel at home.
Wood material choice is not without reason, including the type of strong and weather resistant, so fitting for open space.

Natural atmosphere can be more so when you give a touch of vegetation elements and the use of wood and stone materials as a coating walls. Use the built-in furniture too workable. This type of furniture can make use of every nook or cranny remaining space.

For example, the use of corner space as a closet for storing shoes, use a partition as a display, or hanging design table in sitting room that connects to the cabinet, refrigerator, and kitchen.

Simple design without a lot of detail has always managed to bring efficiency and comfort in the dwelling. Optimization of space and belongings neatly organized, supported by complementary elements that could bring the desired atmosphere, making residential feel very comfortable, while providing dynamic breath and not boring.

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