Fence Looks Natural With Vines

fenceHear the term vines, our memories will certainly directly fixed on the betel plant species and alamanda. In fact, there are many types of vines that can beautify your home fence, when these types of vines are no longer identical to the luxuriance of its leaves. If you want a prettier variation, flowers plants vines can be used as an alternative to further provide a different color.

There are many options that you can choose. The examples are plants ouisqualis indica, tears cats, mandevilla, or plant morning glory. His particular interest to plant vines that Petrea volubilis plants.

The specificity of bright purple flowers and leaves can form a thick unique impression when seen all at once cool.

Petrea volubilis plants currently growing demand for this type of vines. Besides to the flowers form a dense and virtually cover the stems, the plant is commonly called morning glory is now indeed being sought.

Besides to flowering plants, shrubs can also be used to display a natural fence.

Herbaceous plants did not have flowers, leafy plants such as ivy leaves which have a dense and wide. A bright green color is to create shade in front of your house.

In general, only hedges made with a vertical shape. Vines also often placed in containers such as pots. Currently you begin to try to form a new variation on the vines plant canopy. Canopies can make the page hang.

Besides, the canopy is also a good place for the development of the vines because good lighting elements. If this is you want to do, plant selection factors must be considered. Try turning on broadleaf crops with flowers and pretty like alamanda or mandevilla, such as grape vines can also sweeten the canopy.

Basically that should be considered for maintenance of the vines is enough sunlight. Besides to propagation container, either on the fence, wall, or pots and canopy, lighting is a key element for the survival of the vines.

Than beneficial to plant growth, lighting can also create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Small spotlights, if placed behind a fence, a dim yellow light will give a dramatic silhouette image for your vines.

Hedge not only can display with plain shades. Addition ornament is also permissible, ornaments that can be used as sculpture and natural stones.

If you want to place the statue in the back fence to add accent vines, note the size, if using a large statue, can be placed in the middle. But, the most appropriate, if using small figurines can be placed in between the brick walls.

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