Beautify Home With Numbers and Letters

home numberFor those who love the arrangement of numbers or letters can apply this idea turns tables on the corner of the house. Such themes can also make homes more unique character. Besides it makes the house a different look but beauty can still be obtained. No need to get confused because the ornament of letters and numbers of any material already available on the market.

1. On the Table
well try to piece this space complete with glassware equipment with a picture of the numbers or letters. To be more personal side introduces the show and try to make the owner of the table cloths that are designed from birth certificates or marriage date.

2. In Living Room
Needless to meet the space with various ornaments enough just add a table lamp that has a design numbers or letters even been able to represent the theme of the house is carried.

3. On the Wall
For save costs also do not need to put up the wallpaper with a pattern of numbers or letters, just make the frame in which there is a beautiful ornament shaped figures or letters.

4. Seen in the Angle-Angle
Some corner of a room that has a blank space should be given in the form of ornaments or decorations or letters numbers. Use various types of letters and united as in the bookcase try to collect the letters R, E, A, D or S, L, E, E, P in the bedroom.

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